About me – Vignesh Rajan

Who am I? Vignesh Rajan

OK! so? I am extremely passionate about art – especially caricatures, gag & political cartooning. I like to explore different mediums. So far, I have tried to understand watercolors, acrylic colors, poster colors, graphite, charcoal, Indian ink, dry crayons, prismacolor artstix, etc.

Hmm! Fine. Why this blog? To motivate myself to keep drawing & improve my caricaturing skills. This blog is an effort to document my journey towards understanding and applying the key skills of caricaturing & to make up for my lack of formal training in fine arts by learning from all the other amazing caricaturists out there… So you can go ahead comment, criticize, analyze and evaluate.

Do check out my editorial cartoons, also known as a political cartoon, usually on current events or personalities. It’d be combo of my artistic skills and satire, both of which comes naturally to me. Yes, my visual protests are usually biased and based on my limited knowledge of the ongoing events, which many of you will agree with. For others who don’t agree, forget the graphical satire and enjoy the humour.

What else do you do? I don’t draw for a living. I’d love to some day! I am an MBA grad from IIM and a consultant in the Technology space with keen interest in product management…


4 responses to “About me – Vignesh Rajan

  1. Good to know you 🙂 Your Illustrations yell out your passion for art .. glad to know a man who has brains to crack CAT and eyes to crack the code of art 🙂

;) What do you think? - Viggy

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